These are common questions that we receive when you refinance or buy a house. When in doubt, just call us with questions! We are here to help you!

What are typical Document Requirements for Purchase Money Mortgage/ Refinance Mortgage?

We Typically Need Following Things:

  • Paystubs verifying income for the most recent month. Please provide at least 2 paystubs
  • W-2s/1099’s for Past 2 Years.
  • 1040s (U.S. Individual Income Tax Return – IRS) for Past 2 Years.
  • Bank statements for account that will be used for closing costs. Must be dated within 30 days of application date. The past two months and ALL pages must be provided. Please make sure that they are actual e-statement copies…not online transaction histories.
  • Your Email address, home, work and cell numbers.
  • Explanation of any large deposits into account that are not paychecks (Large Deposits are usually anything $500+).
  • Copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy if available or name of your insurance company and broker with a phone number.
  • Copy of all down checks that are made as well as any account statements that come after this initial request.
  • Copy of Driver’s Licenses.
  • Copy of cleared checks used to pay last homeowners insurance, county/township taxes and school taxes. (REFINANCE ONLY)

This list is not exhaustive, nor it is complete. This is just for informational purposes. Everyone’s required documentations should vary slightly depending on our Underwriter/Investor’s determination. Call us with more questions!

What is minimum FICO® score for anyone to get Mortgage with you guys?

580. However, Call us! We have experienced Mortgage Consultants, and we have network of Credit Repair Consultants who can help you repair credit score for you to be able to buy a house!

Do you guys need to run my credit for Pre-Approval?

Yes. However, We could give you a quote without having to run a credit, which may not necessarily be accurate representation of our best quote. Regardless, Call us for more info!

Would I be Eligible for Veteran’s Affair Mortgage?

You would be eligible if you had served in Active Duty (Non-Training) for more than 90 days since October 7th, 2001, or 6 calendar years in Reserves/ National Guard. Feel free to reach out to me for determining eligibility for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE), required for VA Loans, from Department of VA. As Registered Lender by Department of VA, I can retrieve CoE online for your client, in matter of seconds!

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I am Not a US Citizen, would I be eligible for Home Mortgage?

Absolutely! You would be qualified in Same Terms and Conditions as US Citizens. That means your document requirements are exactly same as US Citizens, except we would need one or two more documents, the Proof of Residency.

Documents that can be accepted as Proof of Residency:

  • Employment Authorization Card (EAD/I-765)
  • Permanent Resident Card (I-551/ or Green Card)
  • or Other Documents such as but not limited to: I-94, Visa, Immigrant Visa that is Endorsed by CBP Officials, etc.

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