Weekly News letter

The Mortgage Index looks better, the rates have gotten better since beginning of this week, as the Mortgage Bonds have been increasing, the interest rates have been decreasing. President Trump has indicated that he likes low interest rates this Wednesday, which there are no surprises there. Treasury yields have tumbled as a result, giving us higher Mortgage Bond prices, pushing the interest rates down.

Purchase Incentives! 30 BPS for your Buyers!
• For Spring Market, I am Offering your Prospective Buyers 30 Bonus Basis Points! Tell your clients about my Bonus Cash towards Closing Cost, or Principal Reduction! Everybody could use more money!

Purchase Appraisal Waiver, Coming Soon!
• There has been an announcement, according to Mat Ishbia, President of United Shore Financial Services, Freddie Mac will soon launch Appraisal Waiver for their Loan Prospector (LP) Products for Purchases as well! See: https://www.uwm.com/3-points?utm_source=ET&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=3pts-Apr-17

YOUR BUYER PUTS DOWN 1%, WE GIFT YOUR BUYER 2% FREE EQUITY! ASK YOUR BUYERS If your Buyer’s FICO Score would be 700 or Higher!
• We have 1% Down options for Buyers with 700+ FICO Score, where we will gift you 2% Free Equity! Income Restrictions may apply to some areas. Come Speak to me with any questions about our 1% Down Option

ASK YOUR BUYERS If they have served in our Military!
• We Appreciate their Service, If they could Qualify for our Veteran’s Affair (VA) Loans, I will waive an Admin Fee (Approximately $800.00 Value) for your Loan in gratitude of your Service to our Nation!
NOTE: Your Client’s most likely to be eligible if s/he had served in Active Duty (Non-Training) for more than 90 days since October 7th, 2001, or 6 years in Reserves/ National Guard. Feel free to reach out to me for determining eligibility for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE), required for VA Loans, from Department of VA. As Registered Lender by Department of VA, I can retrieve CoE online for your client, in matter of seconds!

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