This is our Mortgage Calculator, it spits out Monthly Payment

How Can I use this Calculator?

  • Total Amount: Purchase Amount in your Agreement of Sale (AoS) or your Appraisal Value (If you don't have one, just put your Estimated Value of your House)
  • Down Payment: Amount you're putting down for your House (If none, or refinance, then put 0)
  • Interest Rate: Annual Interest Rate %
  • Amortization Period: Put number of years (i.e. 30, for 30 years)
  • Payment Period: Would you pay the Mortgage Monthly? Bi-Weekly, or Weekly?

What's not included in this Calculator?

Your Closing Costs, (UFMIP, VA Funding Fee, Title Charges, etc.) may increase your Loan Amount, if you Finance, thus  your monthly Payment may go up.

Also, your Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) /PMI is not included in this Calculator

If you choose to escrow (For Taxes and Homeowner's Insurance and/or Flood Insurance, If applicable), in most cases you will, that will increase your payment too

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